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Surdépistage du cancer du sein: les femmes otages de l'industrie pharmaceutique du cancer

Voici une caricature de Adams et Berger qui montre à quel point le corps des femmes est devenu objet de commerce, pris en otage par l'industrie du cancer ou "l'économie du cancer" (Barbier/Farrachi), à des fins de profit et à défaut d'une volonté politique forte qui s'attaquerait aux vraies causes - environnementales, chimiques... - du cancer du sein. Les auteurs soulignent eux aussi les dégâts des dépistages trop rapprochés (mammographies, biopsies, procédures invasives dès la moindre anomalie histologique...). La caricature saisit l'essence des notes réunies sous la catégorie "Cancer, prévention, industrie du cancer".

cancer Mike Adams.jpg


Mike Adams is a fraud and a liar, as well as being totally wacko.


Marilyn Mann

Écrit par : Marilyn Mann | 01/12/2008

[Je réponds au commentaire en disant que seules certaines caricatures de Mike Adams m'intéressent et non ce qu'il écrit ou les produits qu'il essaie de vendre).

Thank you for your comment, Marilyn!

You know, I never recommend what Mike Adams writes. Pharmacritique references Quackwatch, Quackometer as well as their French equivalents, meaning I’m far from being a fanatical supporter of the “all-natural” approach, even if I respect people who use such products. By the way, I began writing a note about some dangerous natural products and I don’t agree at all with those who, like Mike Adams, perceive the FDA regulation of natural products and supplements as a favour done for Big Pharma.

I was stupefied as I saw Adams’s video about Gardasil, full of nonsense and misunderstandings. This guy has products to sell and advertises for them, just like Big Pharma…

But some of the Counterthink cartoon he publishes are quite good and help explain things to patients who don’t understand medical language. Unfortunately, there are not many free cartoons, and I don’t have the money to pay for copyrights.

For instance, this cartoon is easier to understand than the articles I wrote about the harms of the cancer industry, who continues to make profits by selling very expensive drugs like Avastin (whose cost/efficiency wasn’t demonstrated yet), who pushes women to do too much medical imaging and labels every single anomaly as cancer. This leads too often to a vicious circle of uncertain (histological) diagnosis, immediately followed by biopsies and other invasive proceedings, not to speak about chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and so on.

I wrote about a study showing watchful waiting obtains good results, because as much as 22% of breast cancers – including invasive ones – regress spontaneously. And I gave other links to studies and books like the one written by H. Gilbert Welch.

A German radiology specialist estimates 10.000 to 20.000 cancers are due to repeated ionizing radiation.

Not to speak about the conflicts of interest Samuel Epstein revealed in his writings about the cancer industry. As he and others pointed out, the crucial problem is addressing the roots of the problem: what causes cancer and what can we do to eliminate carcinogenic substances? Because we lost the “war on cancer” (meaning a cure or specific treatments), and the only reasonable solution is preventing cancer as well as other diseases caused by environmental factors (such as endocrine disrupters or other chemicals).

To cut a long story short, what Mike Adams says and sells doesn’t interest me at all. But some of his cartoons are easier to understand for patients than medical terms and studies.
But you’re right to underscore his writings are not serious.

Écrit par : pharmacritique | 02/12/2008

Thanks for the clarification!

Best, Marilyn

Écrit par : Marilyn Mann | 02/12/2008

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